Rental Application Process

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in one of our rental properties. Our goal is to make the transition to your new rental home as simple as possible. We are committed to equal housing opportunity. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Please read the following steps thoroughly and let’s get started.

STEP 1: Rental Criteria

Please read the following carefully. These basic criteria must be fulfilled in order for an application to qualify for our rentals.

Qualifying Criteria for Applicants

  1. Number of applications: All adults, 18 and over, living in the home must fill out an application, go through the tenant screening process, and qualify before they can rent. NOTE: The application button is below following this information.

  2. Proof of income: Combined gross income must be equal to, or greater than, 2.5 times the rent. (example: rent = $1750 per month. $1750 x 2.5 = $4,375, so household gross income must be equal to, or greater than, this number). All adults must provide proof of their income. Proof of income is by the last 2 pay stubs (at least 3 months pay on the stubs) and last 2 months of bank statements showing deposits (you can blank out the account number if preferred). Or, if you are self employed we require a minimum of 6 months bank statements and the last two years of tax returns. Please note that to verify your documents are correct, we will call your employer and speak with a supervisor to ensure you still work there and your documents are correct. You will provide this employer information on your application.  

  3. Credit Score: Every applicant must have a credit score of 575, or higher. If any applicant has a credit score between 535-574, then the applicant is in a conditional range and other criteria will be discussed. Should the application be accepted additional security deposit will be required. If any applicant is 534, or below, then the application will not be approved. Please make sure to check all rental listing details on the individual rental listing pages. Credit scores required are subject to change per landlord/owner requirements (please see property page under the Rental List tab for credit score criteria for individual properties). Also, credit report judgments will be reviewed.

  4. Co-signers: Co-signer’s income must be a minimum of 5 times the amount of rent and a Credit Score of at least 700, or above.

  5. Automatic Denials: No evictions or currently in eviction proceedings. No past due monies owed to landlords on record. Liens and judgments are also subject to automatic dismissal.

  6. Bankruptcy: If a bankruptcy has not been closed (discharged) this will disqualify an application. Past bankruptcy can be considered, but they must be closed (discharged) and the credit score must meet the above criteria.

  7. Rental history: All applicants must provide at least the last 2 years of rental history and the 2 previous landlord’s contact names and phone numbers (Even if you have lived in a rental home for more than 2 years, we still require the previous Landlord’s contact information, unless you were a homeowner at that time). Or, if you have been a homeowner for at least the most recent past 5 years, then please provide proof of ownership. As stated above, we will call past landlords to verify your rental history.

  8. Foreclosures or Short Sales: Foreclosures or Short Sales are acceptable as long as the credit score still falls within the Credit criteria.

  9. Pet Criteria: If dogs are allowed by the owner then they must be 1 year or older. No pit bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, Great Danes, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Dalmatians, Wolfs, Wolf hybrids (or other insurance company aggressive breeds that will affect the home owner’s insurance). Other dog breeds are permissible upon approval with a minimum $300,000 renter's insurance policy covering the pet and naming New Season Properties as an additional insured. Should dogs, and/or cats, be accepted there will be additional security deposit of $500 each. All cats and dogs shall be spayed or neutered. Pet deposits are subject to change per landlord/owner requirements. Regarding any other pets, security deposits to be discussed. Service and Assistive animals are not considered to be pets and are exempt from the foregoing restrictions. However, the Request for a Reasonable Accommodation or Modification form will be required to be filled out and turned in prior to approval of the application. 

  10. Identifications: You must provide a copy of every adult’s driver license, or ID (front and back. A black and white copy is okay as long as everything is legible).

  11. Signature: Applications must be signed with the same signature as found on the driver’s license.

  12. Renters Insurance: All renters must obtain and maintain a renter’s insurance policy throughout tenancy. Each renter individually needs to carry a policy for at least $300,000 liability coverage (personal belongings coverage is up to you), unless you are combined with the other renters on one policy. Also, all policies must name New Season Properties as “Additional Insured,” or at minimum “Additional Interest” on the policy and provide a copy to New Season Properties prior to move in. NSP must be notified in case of cancellation. This protects you and your personal belongings (the owner’s homeowner’s insurance does not). Tenants are responsible to ensure updated polices are provided to New Season Properties as needed. Lapse in coverage, or policy cancellation, will result in notices being posted and possible non-renewal of lease. Renter’s Insurance costs +/- $150 per year depending on coverage. Consult your insurance agent, or we can provide contacts. This is a very simple process and only takes minutes to obtain a policy.

STEP 2: The Process

Now that you have reviewed the “Rental Criteria” above we can move forward with the process. We know that we cannot always show you the home right when you want to see it, so we do our best to provide enough information on this website, and by driving by, to determine whether or not you want to move forward renting the home.

Please find the property you are interested in by going to our “Rental List” tab. Scroll down and click the address bar of the property. This will take you into the property page and give you all the details regarding the home and also provide multiple photos. We also ask that you drive by the home to make sure you like the way it looks from the outside (if you are not in the area to drive by, you can go to Google Earth, or other online mapping programs to see the home. Should this not work for you, please give us a call). Once you have completed the above process, please go to STEP 3.

STEP 3: Submit Free Application

Applicants are reviewed on the same criteria, one person or family at a time, on a “first complete application in” (which also includes your proof of income / financial documents), “first complete application out” process. We will not start processing your application until we have a complete application package including the completed application form and all required financial documents that show proof of income.

Now that you are ready to move forward renting the home, please click the “Submit Application” button below. Reminder to all adults, 18 and older, that you must submit an application. We recommend printing a copy of your rental application before submitting, so you have a copy for your records. Once your application is submitted you will receive an email reply that we have received your application. See STEP 5 for the final step in providing your proof of income/financial document verification.



STEP 4: Schedule An Appointment To View A Home

Now that you have viewed the home on the website and have driven by, please click the “Schedule Appointment” button below (or give our office a call Monday – Thursday, 10am to 5:00pm, Friday from 10am to 2pm. Holiday and weekend hours vary). At this point our expectation is that all you need to do is see the home and you’re ready for STEP 5.

NOTE: We will do our best to schedule the showing that best meets your schedule. Often times we have multiple homes available for rent, so we want to be as efficient as we can with everyone’s time when showing the home(s). To expedite the process we ask that you submit your application online through this website (applications are no cost, or obligation. See below). This makes the process much quicker because then all you have to do is walk through the home and confirm whether, or not, you want to move forward. Please remember that we will not rent the home to you until you actually walk through. Now that you have seen the home, please go to STEP 4.



STEP 5: Submit Financials

Thank you for submitting your application(s). You must now submit your income verification to provide a completed application package. Please use any of the following 4 methods to submit your income verification:

  1. Email to:  (Please put your name(s) & property applying for in the Subject line (I.e.: Jones/Stevens for Jefferson Ave.)
  2. Fax:  951-346-4111
  3. Mail to our office or drop off in our mail slot in the door at the west end of the building (grey unmarked mail slot):
    25096 Jefferson Ave. Ste. B,
    Murrieta, CA 92562

We will then follow up with you confirming we have received your documentation and let you know what further we may need. Once you have everything submitted, please feel free to contact our office to confirm the status of your application, or with any questions you may have. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you.


  1. Review the rental criteria to confirm all will work for you and your family.
  2. View the home(s) on the website you are interested in.
  3. Drive by the home(s) to confirm you like the way the exterior looks.
  4. Submit an application package through the website. Each person 18 years of age and over (no exceptions). Please make sure to include a valid email address, as well as employment and rental history contact information. We do not process incomplete applications (no exceptions). It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that we have received their completed application form and all of the financial documents (proof of income) required to process the application.
  5. Proof of income submitted to the office. 2 pay stubs, and/or other proof of income, and 2 month’s of bank statements. Proof of income may include but not be limited to: pay stubs, benefit letters, bank statements, tax returns. Or, 6 months of bank statements and the last 2 years of tax returns if self employed (see Rental Criteria for details). We strongly suggest that you send your financial documents (proof of income) the same time and day you fill out your application and then immediately verify with us that we have received same.
  6. Set up an appointment to view the home(s).
  7. We will then verify your income and rental history.
  8. Credit/Background: Once income and rental history are verified, we will send you a link to your email from SmartMove (by TransUnion) to obtain your Credit Score and Criminal Background report. Please note that the current cost of the credit/background report, as of this date (12/2018), is $30 per adult (you pay SmartMove direct, not New Season Properties. We do not control the cost of the report) The link you receive via email is for you to fill your information out confidential to you, but New Season Properties will receive the report. You can request a copy in writing by sending an email for your specific report ONLY to
  9. Once your application is approved, we then require a security deposit (amount will be confirmed to you) within 24 hours of approval. Extended times can be arranged upon approval. All Security Deposit and First Month Rent monies must be in Cashier’s Check, or Money Order, form. Once moved in, then online payment (preferred), personal check, cashier’s check or money order, are accepted. Rent Payment Options: Online (preferred), mail, or 24/7 office drop slot in the door at the far west end of the building (unmarked gray drop slot/box).
  10. Once the Security Deposit is received we will then put the property as Pending on the website. The next step is the lease agreement that we will send to you within 72 hours to sign online via DocuSign (very simple online signature program). Once signed we will then put the property as Rented and remove the home from the website.
  11. Pre-Move In Requirements:             
    No keys shall be handed over until all of these items listed below have been provided by the Tenant or Tenants before the lease commencement date, or before the move in date (whichever comes first).

    • Each Tenant on the lease shall provide a copy of their driver’s license for identification purposes before move in.
    • Tenant shall provide confirmation numbers or other proof that all utilities and services have been put in the Tenant’s name before move in.
    • Tenant shall provide a cashier’s check, or Money Order, before, or at, the move in. Personal checks are not accepted before move in (no exceptions).
    • It is the responsibility of the Tenant to purchase Renter’s Insurance. A “Renter’s Insurance Policy” is required before moving in and is a condition of this lease. The Owner / Landlord / Management Company will not insure against any loss incurred by the Tenant during tenancy. The insurance policy shall name the Owner / Landlord / Management Company as an “Additional Interest,” or “Additional Insured,” and the Owner / Landlord / Management Company shall be notified by the Insurance Company when the policy is canceled for any reason. Please call your Property Manager regarding policy limits.
    • All lease documents must be signed by all parties before move in.
    • If pets are in the lease the Tenant shall provide any required pet documentation or photos before move in.


We will set a time to meet for the move in. At this time we will provide keys, remotes, etc., for the home. We will also go through the Move-In paperwork. This process time varies, but generally takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


We recommend taking many photos before moving in your personal belongings. This way you have photo documentation to correspond with your Move-In documents. Our goal is to have a seamless transition for when you decide to move away from the home. Having detailed documentation and photos of anything that could have been caused by you, but was not caused by you, needs to be noted, so you are not held responsible after you move out.


Now that you are living in the home it is your responsibility to take care of the home in a clean and habitable manner. Should any issues arise, please review your Tenant Addendum A (you signed with your lease documents), or visit our Frequently Asked Questions tab, before submitting a Repair Request through the website. More often than not, tenants can remedy and repair situations with the home on their own. Should you not be able to find the answer to your questions in the Addendum, or on the website, please feel free to call our office with questions, or send a Repair Request through the website.


We provide a FREE online pay option for you to pay rent through the website (24/7/365). This is the preferred method because not only can you pay online and have the funds debited directly from your bank, but you can also keep track of your payments and view your payment ledger. You can also mail the rent to our office, or drop it off in the 24/7 drop slot in the far west end of the building drop/mail slot. This slot is not marked, but it is the only gray drop slot in the door.

New Season Properties
25096 Jefferson Ave; Suite B
Murrieta, CA 92562

(Directly south of UHAUL on Jefferson and we are the 2nd building in from the street)


We do require a 30-day written notice prior to moving out. Please make sure we have received your notice. This can be a simple email stating you are giving your 30-day notice to move out (if you are in a lease we can discuss your options). We will reply back as received and with move out process information. Furthermore, at move in you will be provided with a Move In/Move Out Welcome Package. You will need to review the Move Out Process section of the package and follow the steps provided.

Thank You